Vritual Open House 2020

Mammal Teeth

Ice Age Mammals

The lab had a successful 2018 field season, having collected > 50 new specimens of Miocene-aged fossil mammals from Saskatchewan.

Field group photo
From left to right: Matthew Brenning, Danielle Fraser, Brigid Christison, Margaret Currie.
Looking for fossils in situ
Brigid, Margaret, and Matt have been taking samples for microvertebrate analysis and sorting through matrix by hand.

Ottawa paleontologists look for fossils at Grasslands National Park

‘Exciting and surprising’: 23-million-year-old mammalian bones found at dig site in Sask.

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3D models of a polar bear tooth and a raccoon tooth..

Kieran and I with tusks

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CTV News Article

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Antlers Dani 1

Speaking at a symposium on Biodiversity and Conservation that was organized by the Beaty Centre for Species Discovery at the Canadian Museum of Nature. My talk begins at 5:18:00.