Research Summary

I am the director of the Beaty Centre for Species Discovery, Research Scientist at the Canadian Museum of Nature, Adjunct Research Professor in Biology and Earth Sciences at Carleton University, and Associate at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. I am a palaeoecologist and evolutionary biologist interested in how and why mammal communities form with the goal of understanding the emergence of modern mammal communities and how they might change under ongoing global change. I use a wide array of analytical tools including, but not limited to, computational biology, phylogenetics, palaeodietary methods, field work, and stable isotopes. My research program is multidisciplinary and integrates the study of both extant and extinct mammals. See my research page for more information.

I am part of PalEO and the Evolution of Terrestrial Ecosystems working group:

PalEO (Palaeontology and Evolution Ottawa)

Evolution of Terrestrial Ecosystems Working Group

Recent News:

Léa recently published a paper on Amynodonts! Congrats, Léa!